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  • What does 'HPTA' Stand for?
    It stands for 'High Performance Training Academy.'
  • What does 'High Performance' mean?
    High Performance means combining Power, Endurance and Strategy to mould a talented, promising player into a competitive athlete. Power - involves developing the muscles necesary to create the explosiveness and strength required at competitive level. Endurance - involves working on the player's cardiac output to deliver sustained energy during a competitve match. Strategy - involves the mental conditioning and planning that is required at the highest competitive level.
  • How do I sign up my child for a 'High Performance' session?
    Every applicant must attend a paid 'assessment session' which will be graded using a rubric. The results will be recorded, and a report produced and given to you as to the best option for your child at HPTA Middle East. The scores will determine whether your child qualifies for the High Performance program in the relevant sport, or if he/she should join our training programs to better their score and re-sit for the assessment when they are ready.
  • Why are your 'High Performance' programs more expensive than others?
    We are charging the industry standard for 'High Peformance' coaching. It involves hiring the best coaches with previous international experience (ATP/WTA, ICC, NCAA), replacing perishable equipment regularly so the players are exposed to 'tournament conditions' every lesson, and we use state of the art facilities including access to gyms, nutritionists and kinesiology experts for fitness and endurance.
  • What if I or my child does not pass the assessment for 'High Performance' or we simply can't afford it?
    If your child or you do not achieve a passing grade at the assessment, then you are welcome to join our 'Open to all' sessions in the relevant sport. Regular tournaments will be held at HPTA Middle East, and the winners may be incentivised with scholarships into the High Performance programs (depending on availability).
  • Is there an age limit to your programs?
    We believe in levels instead of age limits. Kindly refer to our 'Tennis' page for more details on the different levels.
  • What venues are you operating at?
    We are currently operating in the Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah 2, Jumeirah 3, Meydan South and Sharjah. Pleae call us for more information.
  • Has the HPTA Middle East had any success at the UAE National Level?
    Yes. Our CEO and High Performance Coach, Raz Khan is currently coaching the UAE's U12 No.1 ranked player, Isabella James, as well as the UAE's U19 No.2 ranked player, Arnav Patil.
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